Steel Production
The company has a 9000 m2 steel production facility and can produce 6000 tonnes per year.

Goat Hair Tents
Made from pure goat hair (single layer) in a traditional style to reflect the old Bedouin tents used in the Arabian Peninsula for many centuries.

Membrane Structures
Known for its high tolerance and resistance to harsh weather such as high winds, rain, sunlight and snow.

Tents-Refugee Tents
Easy to construct, lightweight and flexible to design as needed. Also characterised by their high resistance to rain, wind and snow according to international standards.

Military Needs
Military requirements and equipment.

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    P.O. Box 93979, Zip code 11683, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • Tel: +966 1 270 3377
  • Fax:+966 1244 2178
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  • Website: www.tamimitents.com

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