welcome1Refugee Tents

Easy to construct, lightweight and flexible to design as needed. Also characterised by their high resistance to rain, wind and snow according to international standards. There is sufficient stock in the company stores to answer urgent demands all over the world.

Military Tents

Designed and manufactured according to specific military sector requirements in different sizes and colours. Al-Tamimi is the main provider for all military demands for the Saudi government.

Party Tents

This type of tent is used for private and public project launches and special occasions due to its large sizes. Suitable for festivals and wedding parties due to their huge capacity and vast space, each tent holds up to several thousands of people and can be made to fit required locations and spaces.

They can be rented or manufactured according to customers’ specifications.

Picnic Tents

Made of cotton canvas, which makes it easy to install and dismantle, resistant to rain and wind penetration. Prices are affordable, various sizes are available, and the lightweight design means it fits easily into a car trunk.

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